Which Tinyhead will you create?

Choose from a selection of hair, eyes, noses and mouths to create your own pixel art style Tinyhead watchface. Digital time displayed on a flick of the wrist, or for those wanting an easier view of the time analog hands can be shown over the Tinyhead.

15/12/16 – Santa hat update. Because everything looks better in a santa hat.

8/10/16 – Halloween Update. Spooky features to create vampires, werewolves, ghouls, pumpkins, monsters, and more!

Download now from the Pebble app store


  • Customisable Tinyheads
  • Time shown on wrist flick
  • Pebble Time ready
  • 5 colours on Pebble, 343 on Pebble Time
  • Optional analog clock

Note: Tinyheads was formerly known as Pebbleheads

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