Duke Nukem 3D (Duke2X)

03/07/07 Version 0.04 released.

0.04 changelog

Cutscene movies now work (used to cause black screen crashes before).
Because movies work, this means episode 4 (The Birth) is now playable.
Function of A and B buttons switched to match other software.
Pressing 'back' (was B, now A) on the main menu no longer locks the game out.
Music and sound device settings hard coded as there is only one possible sound device.

duke3d01/07/06 TV out version (0.03 compiled with a later SDL).

06/03/06 Version 0.03 available here. Compatible with readonly filesystems (like theoddbot’s fw1.4), and the save bug seems to have gone. Source is here if you want it.

31/12/05 Version 0.02 available here. Music now works. It should also be compatible with versions 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5. Read the readme carefully for installation instructions.

04/12/05 Version 0.01 available at the gp2x file archive (source is also available there). Sound seems to be ok now (still no music though). Loading and saving appear to work fine, but saved games are not compatible with other ports of Duke3D so you won’t be able to use the same saved games on your PC. Each save takes up around 1mb, so make sure there’s enough space left on your SD card.

31/10/05 Hmm, forgot to update again. Sound is there now (mostly – duke doesn’t speak for some reason). No music because of sdl_mixer needing 14mb of midi instruments installing, and they don’t seem to work even when they are installed.

26/10/05 Ooops, forgot to update this. Fully playable now but a bit difficult to test on a dev board without buttons 🙂 No sound yet as I don’t have a working SDL_Mixer for the gp2x. Not tested loading or saving but I would imagine it works fine.

11/10/05 First basic port of the icculus code working. Doesn’t get past loading the level yet.


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