quake_1_screenshot_320x200_e1m3-05/08/06 0.03 released. TV out support. Letterbox mode for widescreen on a 4:3 display. Widescreen fov fix. USB mouse and keyboard support. Please see the readme.txt for more details. Download from the gp2x file archive.

21/02/06 0.02 released. Is now slightly faster due to using the latest SDL release, shouldn’t crash when only using pak0.pak, and shouldn’t crash in water. Also supports various resolutions up to 320×240 for those that want things to run even faster. Download from the gp2x file archive.

13/11/05 2xQuake 0.01 released. Download from the gp2x file archive.

  • 0.03 Source Code – Only needed for development. Please don’t download if you only want to play the game, and get the binary from the link above instead.

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